Like help from a friend

Note this is not my coaching expertise. I don't coach mental health. This is me sharing what helped me. 

If you find yourself in a time of need

A bit of free help

Some supportive tips when you most need it

What this is

You have found this  page for a reason!

My journey into coaching started with going through my own difficult time. If you think you're alone, you're not. I've been there, others are right now and more will continue to be. 

There is no shame or embarrassment in admitting sometimes life can get the better of us. In fact, it's a necessary first step to acknowledge and accept. 

Here are some of the resources I used when I didn't know what else to do. Burnt out, anxious and depressed - they worked for me and I hope the same for you too.

Be what you need for others


Curate your environment


Change the narrative


Think about these daily

Start each day with one of these.
Audio 1 (my go-to)
Audio 2.
Audio 3
(from youtube)

Make a list of things you do & people you see. Assign a colour for how you feel before, during and after (traffic light system).
Try to do mostly green (where possible) 

Take a mental break from your own struggles and try to help another person who deserves it. A small act. Sometimes lifting someone else's day can lift ours too. Empower yourself to help others and yourself too. 

Be inspired 
(some of my favourite digital content)

Learn and understand a bit more about you
(It's surprising how a personally assessment can make you feel heard & understood)

I can't emphasise enough the benefit just moving a little bit more, sleeping better and eating better did for my health. Nothing intense. What you already know is more than enough to get started. Start small and see how it goes. You need to pull the cart to where you want it to go. Remember too, often, a problem shared is a problem halved. Find and speak to someone you can trust.    

Remember, actions lead feelings...