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If fitting, you'll be invited to take on a 10 week 1-2-1 coaching program (online material provided). 

Since 2018 I have turned my attention to performance and navigating the modern day environment. 

To start, we have to see the problem of health today for what it is. A need to make time to take care of our most valuable asset. One we can't simply buy back. 

It's about both knowing and doing. Our environment is critical to choices we make and hence why surrounding yourself with the correct support could be a pivital step.  

Hence the value offered by coaching. 

A dedicated space and time to work on a healthier version of you.  

Health Coach, focusing on helping clients build their health and wellness practice

about Coaching

Hi, I'm Roshan 

Let's  do that

We need rest and recovery to return to our normal or better.


Let's not neglect that

How we treat our inside effects our outside.

To enjoy life we need to play. A big way we play is to move. 

Let's not lose that




It's time to develop that

Our understanding of stress impacts how we manage it


Health and joy is the name of the game
Health is wealth means the same 


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