I help clients action, improve and reconnect with their health and develop their stress-kit.   

I previously worked a decade long career as a chartered accountant and finance professional. This gave me a front row seat in understanding how our working and home lives impact on our health.

I have always been a movement and health enthusiast. Combining this with my deep interest in stress, society and culture has enabled me to understand, navigate and interact with the world around me in a far more valuable way.  

I now help clients get better at moving, fueling, recovering, getting to grips with stress and more. 

I'm Roshan.

I'm an ambitious performance driven problem solver.

The coach

I've experienced it - a lack of balance and understanding of what to do about it all. I took the time out to understand it, recover from it and learn how to keep on top of it. I work with my clients to do the same. 

Certified nutrition coach, mobility coach and personal trainer.

Deep interest in psychology, neurology and behaviour change that influences everything I do.

An avid learner with an empathic approach who is accustomed to high performing environments:

In order to operate effectively with our health and wellbeing we must start utilising the physical tools at our disposal whilst also beginning to fit the pieces together, understanding the much bigger picture of how how it all fits together and what we can do about it.  

Learning to select and navigate our physical and mental stress, not trying to be rid of it, is the objective.

My philosophy 

Thought is where possibilities begin
...action is where they get realised 

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