I help clients action, improve and reconnect with their health. 

I previously worked a decade long career in the corporate world as a finance professional. This gave me a front row seat in understanding how high performing working environments and our home lives impact on our health.

I am deeply interested in navigating health as a whole. Health is multifaceted. By understanding this and the various levers we have at play we increase our ability to respond appropriately to the health challenges our modern lives face. 

I live for movement and I am passionate about sharing the far reaching benefits to be gained from working on movement and much more for ones health. 

I'm Roshan.

I'm an ambitious performance driven problem solver.

The coach

When you know how, it's simple.
Life should be reasonably simple. 
So learn how now. 

Certified - Nutrition coach, Mobility coach and Personal Trainer.

Deep interest in stress that influences my work.

An avid learner with an empathetic approach who is accustomed to high performing environments:

I'm rarely ever a full-time coach. I have other endeavors incl. in-person personal training, course creation, writing and other ventures that take up my time too. I chose to limit my availability so that I can direct my energy fully to a small number of clients. 

In order to operate effectively with our health and wellbeing, live fully and perform at our best we must respect and reconnect with our health. Health is the facilitator of all things worth having. It is not a luxury in is a necessity.
Learning to respect and utilise our health as the foundation layer on which to build a life worth living is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

My philosophy 

Good intentions require action
to be realised.

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