What makes me a bit different in the space of movement, nutrition and coaching, is that I have done many different things which health has under pinned: junior athlete, mathematician, corp-fin advisor, entrepreneur and coach too. 

I coach health because it's what's always been there for me. To health, I attribute much of my success in life and also the resilience to get through the tougher times. Health to me means to feel good. To feel energised. To release physical stress. To build resilience. To develop self discipline and so much more.  

But there's more. Health will open you up to a community of people who also value taking care of themselves, opening other doors.  

A bit of my story  

Let's develop that

A careful balance that influences your success in the modern world

Rest & Stress

Let's not neglect that

Not just fuel, but, impacts mood, sleep and other things too. 

The way we play, do things and go to places

Let's not lose that




Is this the right space for you?

This space

If you're a high performer, it can be hard to find someone to meet you where you are. Many coaches have never really been in the shoes of who they coach. My experience influences my work and methods significantly. 

They say we are the average of the 5 environments in which we spend the most time. Could you do with an adjustment? My passion for movement, technique and health has been with me since my early teens. As I said, it has helped me succeed and also been there for me in a time of need. . 

Whether it's functional health, dance, handstands, martial arts, acrobatics and so much more, doors will open and you can decide what is and isn't for you. But you need a base first. 

Open, honest and curious problem solver (thinks he's funny...but that's debatable)

The coach

You have the power to gain what you want to.

Let's work together to make it happen. 

Certified - Nutrition coach, Mobility coach and Personal Trainer.

Perpetual learner working on myself, mentally and physically, brining the benefits to you too.

Empathetic with lived experience in high stress and high performance environments

Not a life coach. Consciously improving your health has many unintended benefits: mental strength, confidence, clarity in thought, resilience training and more. See where it takes you. 

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