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Welcome to  We11 Ones

A small group of people
who make health a priority πŸ’ͺ

Get the right support.
Find the right environment. 
Be a part of something important. 

You'll have access to the platform and community via laptop, tablet and phone.

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With your first two payments going directly to a homelessness charity

Join the

What you'll be joining.
 - Being part of a like minded health focused community
 - A private group to engage with collectively* 
 - Weekly tips to help you focus and structure your week. 
 - Discussion channels to suit your mood and support needs
 - The ability to be a part of and to impact a community

We'll be getting started soon!

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*The community will be limited to a fixed capacity.

Let's  do that

We need rest and recovery to return to our normal or better.


Let's not neglect that

How we treat our inside effects our outside.

To enjoy life we need to play. A big way we play is to move. 

Let's not lose that




It's time to develop that

Our understanding of stress impacts how we manage it


Health and joy is the name of the game
Health is wealth means the same 

Whilst we don't want too many restrictive rules, there will be some, to make this an effective and respectable place for us all to be. 

A respectful and inclusive place to be 

We have selected Slack as our community platform.

We have done so because it priorities communication above all else. 


Health Coach with a passion to help others tap in to their health to unlock their real potential. 

Community lead

Need to knows

General terms of service

What to expect

Read rules 

A place for self-accountability

Environment can often be the critical thing. Be around others also taking self-responsibility. 


Not a coaching community

 The community lead will  facilitate conversations and provide some direction weekly. The rest is left up to you and the community. 

Weekly direction

An easy effective philosophy

We focus on big ticket items around movement, nutrition, rest and stress that implementing them easily. 

health philosophy 

Iterative process

It's simple. Quick changes are often short lived. Well timed and measured are far more long lasting. 

Long and lasting

Make it enjoyable

Good health and enjoyment go hand in hand. When it doesn't we're not doing it right and we have to find a better way.

health = joy

Get away from the free mentality

People quickly take for granted what they get for free. Pay the small fee and recoup the value committing to  becoming a healthier "me". 

Recuperate your fee


By participating on our site, you agree to our terms of service. The main rules here are pretty simple:

- 😊 Be nice

- πŸ‘ŠβœŠ With respect we will empower. Remember what Theodore Roosevelt said, "Comparison is the thief of joy". Respect your own goals and others. Don't be the person to give up your joy and compare. 

- 🍎 Don't be the bad apple. We all know how it can take just one bad apple to ruin a bunch. Please act mindfully. Take ownership and responsibility. This is not a space to moan and groan but a space to share for those actively engaging in trying to be healthy. 

- πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈπŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ No discussions as part of the community are to be considered medical or specific health advice of any kind. This goes for community leaders and members. We do not collect medical records or discuss individuals' needs. Your health decisions are primarily your responsibility. 

- πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« That being said this is a place to learn and share. Remember, a large part of why people struggle to act is due to "analysis by paralysis" due to information overload. So go steady with the forwards and share your stories instead.

- 🧠The philosophy we will look to adopt in this community is action orientated. You can trust the community lead to have the big themes covered. Simply put, move more, eat less processed foods and make time for rest and to understand yourself. Watch out for weekly lessons that have been planned and structured for the group.  

- ❌ We11 Ones prides itself on a simple outlook and philosophy. We are not attached to any one ideology. Whilst we are inclusive and appreciate people from all walks of life, we do not want the community utilised to promote any ideology.   

- ❌ No politics: Absolutely no politics or identity politics allowed here (go to Twitter instead!)

- 🚫 No spam: Don't promote your website/product/app/meetup/etc here. Don't direct message people with your website/product/startup/app/etc (spam) either. If you do we will have to close your account and remove you.
- πŸ’° No commercial messages, no surveys

...for the complete set of legal terms of service (TOS), see TBC

Community Rules 

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remember, "we11" with 1's not l's ;)