Some friendly help if you're tired, burnt-out or exhausted

Time for a game?

Find my
secret page

Clue 1 : You need to navigate to the ...... page
A place that you refer to when describing where you might have grown up or the place where you live.

Clue 2 : You're not looking for an Easter egg but the universal indicator for love.

Clue 3: I'm where you'd normally find me

Clue 4: I might not be the colour you'd usually think I'd be.

Clue 5: The object you're looking for can also be found on this page (but this is not the page from which access can be granted)


In a World that is increasingly pushing people to neglect themselves and their health whilst accelerating them towards burnout, here is what I found useful when I was down and out!

Find the page...

Clues to
find the secret

May the force be with you...
Good luck