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what's important


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We need rest and recovery to return to our normal or better.


Let's not neglect that

How we treat our inside effects our outside.

To enjoy life we need to play. A big way we play is to move. 

Let's not lose that


What we work on


It's time to develop that

Our understanding of stress impacts how we manage it


Health is life...let's not forget that 

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How I work with clients


I work with a small number of clients, where I prioritise time and scheduling, in order to work closely on achieving a set of health objectives. Regular one-to-one  catch ups (remotely) are scheduled in order to discuss progress, material and to problem solve. We maintain multiple communication channels so that you are supported throughout. 

3 months of work
Work: Movement, Nutrition, R&R, Environment audit
Focus: Long-term sustainable change and a deep understanding of wellness principals

Distance learning

Distance learning includes the benefits of external accountability and support that comes with coaching just with less regular one-to-one time. With distance learning we develop and structure a plan around your health objectives taking into account where you are starting from today. We utilise multiple communication channels for me to provide support and answer your questions during the process. 

3/4 months of work
Work: Movement, Nutrition, R&R, Environment audit
Focus: Behaviour change and progress

Singular focus

I am a huge beleiver in the benefits of working on multiple health aspects together in order to realise the full benefits for our wellbeing. However, at times we only require support in progressing a particular aspect  

Typically between £40 - 100 per week depending on duration and support
Work on one of : Movement, Nutrition, R&R, Stress management
Focus: Progress one particular aspect of health   


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We are all at least partly the product of our environments and let's face it, our environments are hardly all that healthy. So we remain stuck just like those around us. 

Our environment


We are inundated with so much information these days via our phones, tv's and conversations we don't know where to start. So instead we do nothing. 

Anaylsis by paralysis


It's no secret the we live increasingly busy and stressful lives. The thought of having to invest more time into making a change can often be off putting so we often avoid it. 

too busy


Don't let these common excuses get in the way! 

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